Google Voice Text Message (SMS) Delay

Okay Google, I reeeeeally like your Google Voice service. But there’s absolutely no way I can deal with such huge delays in your text message delivery system.
My housemate has slept a total of 2 hours in the past 3 days. Knowing this, I txt’d him this morning to see if he made it to work. Here’s our conversation, with a Google Voice time stamp at the end of each line.

He sent me a text message at 9:17, and I didn’t receive it until 10:10.

Google, this is completely unacceptable. The entire point of text messaging is that messages are supposed to be small, quick, and easy to immediately respond to. With delays close to a full hour, what’s the point of even using Google Voice for SMS?

6 Responses to “Google Voice Text Message (SMS) Delay”

  1. SarcasticSid Says:

    I was one of the first to receive Google Voice and I have never had any problems with the SMS, and I use it daily!

  2. kwilliam Says:

    Yeah, I've noticed delays in receiving SMS messages. It's bad enough that I quit giving people the number.

  3. Keith Says:

    im currently having problems with delayed texts

  4. Jame Says:

    I also experience frequent delivery delays

  5. Lukas Says:

    I've had this problem too, except sometimes I've experienced delays of a day or more!

  6. latishashelton7470 Says:

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