Prepare Yourself

Ever since Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, the country feels different. I’m not the only one who feels so. Several of my friends on Facebook are showing excitement through their status messages. My family is exuberant. According to multiple sources, the rest of the world is excited about the outcome of the election.

You might ask yourself, “Why?”

I think the answer is best summed up by this photo:

What you see in the picture above, is a man who is down to earth, and sincere. You can just tell from his body language that he will honestly do his best to work for, not against, the American people. When George W Bush speaks on television, he emits the exact opposite. He appears completely insincere, scrunching his forehead and eyebrows to feign concern almost the entire time.

The country right now is in terrible shape, and many question whether Obama can live up to the promises he’s made and fix the nation’s problems. The economic crisis combined with the two wars we’re facing are seemingly insurmountable. However, I wholely feel that Obama will not only meet his goals and satisfy the American public, I predict that he will completely surpass everyone’s wildest expectations.

Prepare to be dazzled.

2 Responses to “Prepare Yourself”

  1. Rand Says:

    Now I’ll speak for the other half of the country: completely down in the dumps. I wholeheartedly agree with you that Obama will do exactly what he promised and plunge this country into possibly the worst state it’s ever been in. Morally, it’s already near it’s bottom but he’s promised to take it to depths unimaginable from a “Christian” nation’s standpoint. Economically it’s hit some of the worst records it’s ever seen, and he’s promised to attempt to spend more money than the nation can possibly ever hope to recover from. Big government, huge spending, amoral laws, and the “most liberal senator in congress” are the exact opposite of what this country needs right now. Never have I lost my faith in the American people as I have in this last election.One of the most striking things in this election? While pronouncement of racism screamed across the country in attempt to keep people from voting for Obama simply because he’s black, ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of black voters voted for Obama. That, in my opinion, is racist. I don’t believe for one minute that only 2%-5% of the black vote would have chosen McCain if Obama were white, especially since 1936, it’s been anywhere from 10%-30% of blacks voting Republican.As to his sincerity and his religious beliefs, one needs to do but a quick search to find that he’s pretty much what The Bible calls a false prophet! He claims Christianity and says, “I’m rooted in the Christian tradition” while then saying, “I believe there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people.” If that’s so, Jesus wasted his time here on earth and the Bible (John 14:6, specifically) is wrong. There’s many other examples of this insincere double speak, some of which can be found here.Anyway, I wish Obama the best, but I have not, nor will I ever support his views. His unwavering support on slaughtering unborn children, and his views on gay rights, his ideas about spending money we don’t have on huge government programs (so that I have to work harder for others to NOT work and steal my money more easily) are a few things I’ll never throw my support behind.I just pray that the most liberal member in congress doesn’t make us the most liberal country on earth – God sets up kingdoms and takes them down so He’s in charge, but I have to sit and wonder if our time has come.

  2. Cerulean Bill Says:

    I doubt that he will meet his goals. Those mountains are mighty high, the climate fierce and daunting. I do believe he’ll make a valiant effort, though. In so doing, he’ll show us what determination, intelligence, and vision — qualities that we’ve learned to live without in our politics — can achieve. We’ll be the better for having him in office. Heck, we already are.

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