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They All Became Kids Again

October 29, 2008

What I loved about the Phillies’ victory tonight, was seeing every member of the team simultaneously¬†transformed into a 12 year-old kid on the sandlot. ¬†Both arms shoot into the air, eyes wide open, they run towards the pitcher. ¬†And then an instant 5-foot dogpile.

Voting Machines That Don’t Work

October 28, 2008

How in the world is this possible?

The man demonstrates that a voting machine does not work correctly. He says that the machine has not been calibrated, and that it will work properly once he calibrates it.
He then calibrates it, and it STILL doesn’t work correctly.
Why is this crappy software used for such an important function? And is there anything anybody can do it about?

Wassup Obama?

October 26, 2008

The original Budweiser commercial is here: