Microsoft Has Done It Again

Twenty years ago, when less than 1 in 100 people owned a personal computer, Bill Gates and his cohorts had a vision. “A computer on every desk, in every home, running Microsoft software.”

Today, Microsoft has another vision and it’s arguably as ambitious as the first. Microsoft Surface.

In essence, Surface is a 30-inch digital table that will sit in your living room. It will interact with your digital devices such as your phone, digital camera, PC, or home console. More importantly, it will interact with you and your everyday objects.

This isn’t a new “pc” or even a new “device.” This is a new “product category.” It’s a new platform. A new way for us to interact with the digital world.

From the press release:

Customers in T-Mobile retail stores might place different cell phones on Surface’s interactive surface where product features, prices and phone plans would appear so they could be easily compared.

In the video, two phones are compared. To get a better view of the details, the man in the video simply picks up the phones and puts them back down on the surface, slightly farther apart. The information boxes grow accordingly.

Head on over to the Microsoft Surface website and check out the videos. You won’t be disappointed.


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