Google + Apple + AT&T

The official Google Blog today has a story about a new phone from Cingular, the BlackBerry 8800. This phone has GPS, so when using Google Maps for Mobile, the map automatically centers around your current location, with a blue flashing dot “exactly where you are!”

That’s all really exciting, but does anyone else find it weird that The Official Google Blog is basically running an advertisement for Cingular (AT&T) that screams “Switch to Cingular!”

And what about Apple’s iPhone being available only for Cingular customers? Probably more blatant than Google, Apple is screaming, “Switch to Cingular!”

To me it’s awfully mysterious that these guys are pushing consumers to switch to a specific carrier. Do Google and/or Apple have any kind of partnership with Cingular?

Maybe it’s just that Cingular is the carrier that’s pushing the hardest to make these kinds of partnerships. Whatever the case, other carriers (T-Mobile, I’m looking at you) need to step it up or they’ll start seeing mass exodus.

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