How Digg Began

Many of you probably don’t know what Digg is. is a website that has traditionally been a news website. Now it aggregates news, videos, and podcasts.

Digg is really popular among tech geeks like myself because it started with only technology news. The reason it’s so popular is that anyone can submit a story. And anyone can see the list of submitted stories. If you like the story, you can “digg it,” giving it a +1 vote. If a story gets enough votes, it’ll be sent to the front page.

Over the past couple of years, Digg has done nothing but grow! Here is an interesting picture of “how it all began.” The guy in the picture is Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder.

That picture just goes to show that anything can happen on the Internet. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the mastermind behind the next monster website.

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