Official: Google Da Vinci Code Quest Winner

Finally, those of us who were finalists in Google and Sony’s Da Vinci Code Quest can have a sense of closure. The official winner is Anthony N. of Collierville Tennessee.

Following section 9 of the rules, I sent a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

The Da Vinci Code Quest On Google
Grand Prize Winner’s Name
P.O. Box 10301
Burbank, CA 91510

Today I received that envelope and a letter detailing the prizes won, and the winner’s name. Congratulations to Anthony!

To me, this whole contest is still shrouded in mystery. How can an event so big, by companies so popular, with a grand prize so large, be completely forgotten about? Why hasn’t Google, Sony, or Sullivan Compliance Company (the Contest Administrator) declared Anthony the victor publicly? Why isn’t Anthony himself (or somebody who knows him) blogging about his success, his method to tackling the contest, etc? Some of us were anxiously awaiting an official word about the contest for over a month. Why did it take so long for the results to become available, and why did we need to send snail mail?

I would still like to know how I did relative to the other finalists. It’s not too crazy to think that we will see a list with names and times, like Google does with its puzzle championship.

That being said, I’m glad that the contest winner has been revealed. Again, my congratulations go out to Anthony. I hope you enjoy the trips and prizes!

As for Google, I can hardly wait for your next contest. It’s exciting to think about what kinds of online contests/experiences you might attempt next. Maybe a browser-based MMOG?

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