Google Gadget Contest Ideas

Google is having a contest to see who can create the best Google Desktop gadget. The last day to submit a gadget is July 31st, 2006 and winners will be announced on August 21, 2006. First place gets $5000, second place gets $2000, and third place gets $1000.

Do you have an awesome idea for a gadget to create, but don’t know how to program? Send me your ideas and I’ll do my best to create it! If the gadget wins the first place prize of $5000, we’ll split it evenly. at gmail dot com

3 Responses to “Google Gadget Contest Ideas”

  1. jlhillhouse Says:

    Why don’t you have a gadget like the one Rob Kodey did and that you have on the market summary page for Market treands?

  2. jlhillhouse Says:

    The weather gadget was changed several months ago with the 4 or 5 day forcast and not the current day larger above this forcast. Also, the bottom of the numbers on the forecast are cut off?I liked it better the way it was . Also, how can you contact the develper to make suggestions?

  3. Our Family Says:

    The ability to open Google Chat inside the desktop side bar not just the ability to sees who;s logged in but an actual chat window inside the side bar that you can keep open and chat through out the day without having the pop up box on top or underneath everything you are working on would be an outstanding addition.

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