Fuzzy Clock Google Gadget Has New Options

A fuzzy clock user noticed some weird behavior when using the gadget with Google Desktop. If the text were long enough, the time might be displayed on two lines (“Twenty-five to Eleven”, for example, is usually too long to fit on one line). Unfortunately, if a gadget has a specified height, Google Desktop won’t let you resize the frame after the sidebar has been minimized and restored. As a result, you would only be able to see the first line of the gadget, and the rest would be hidden. To fix the problem, I’ve created a second gadget. The only difference is that there is no specified height in the new one.

The URL for the Google Desktop version is:

If you’ve run into this problem with Google Desktop, add this module to your sidebar, but you’ll want to use the original for your personalized homepage. This newly modified gadget allows you to resize the window when the text goes onto two lines, even after the sidebar has been minimized and restored.

Also, I’ve added (in both versions) the option to choose your font size. If you choose a small enough font size, you might be able to prevent the text from going on to two lines in the first place. Font size 12 should be small enough, even for lengthy times like “Twenty-five before Eleven”.

You can add the Fuzzy Clock gadget to your Google Personalized Homepage with this: Add to Google

As usual, if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask. This stuff is fun. 🙂

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