Da Vinci Code Quest on Google Is Over

The contest is over, and the winner will be notified this Friday.

The first twenty-four challenges were fun, but I’m a little disappointed in how the final challenge was given. The final challenge consisted of 5 puzzles. Before the final challenge started, I was certain that people would post screenshots of their puzzles after they were done, but I was under the impression that each person would receive a random puzzle. I thought that Google wanted to see what kinds of programs would be written to solve the puzzles algorithmically. But instead, the only randomness was in the fifth puzzle. The first four puzzles were the same for each person. I was right in assuming that people would post their solutions online, but since everyone received the same first four puzzles, the contest went from “Who can write the program that will solve the puzzles the fastest and who can enter the solutions fastest?” to “Who can use a program to pre-record themselves solving the problem and play back that recording the fastest?” After using the macro recording program, the rest of the challenge was solely in solving the fifth puzzles the fastest.

This guy did that and solved it in around 5 minutes. Without using macro software, I think I solved it in about that time. I guess we’ll see on Friday. I hope Google releases a list of people and their times. I would LOVE to see how I stacked up against the other 9,999 finalists.


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