Google Calendar Thoughts

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, Google Calendar is now live and well! Lots of features, events that can repeat basically any way imaginable, multiple calendar support, sharing, and more. Good work Google, it was well-worth the wait.

Before Google Calendar was released, I used 30boxes calendar. I truly believe that 30b is a great web app. The developers are very quick to release new features, and the calendar has a TON of features that Google Calendar doesn’t have. They claimed that they’ll do everything Google Calendar does, but better. I’m excited for the competition because it means a better product for everyone.

IMHO, Google’s release of Google Calendar already gives 30boxes some catch-up work to do. I don’t use any of the features that 30boxes has that Gcal doesn’t have. Google’s interface is more intuitive, cleaner, and more friendly to me. The only thing I don’t like is that reminders can be attached only to events on your main calendar. Why the limitation?

As of the time of writing, there are still some features being rolled out, like deeper integration with Gmail. Over at Google Blogoscoped, there’s some discussion about what users want Google to release next. Also at Google Blogoscoped, Philipp Lenssen compiled a list of public calendars you can add to your calendar. I’d like to see some Google Reader – Gmail integration, Google Bookmarks development, and I really want reminders for some events on some of my non-primary calendars.

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