April First Comes and Goes Without Gmail Calendar

Because of Google’s history of making great announcements on April 1st, (Gmail in 2004, double its storage space in 2005), April 1st has become “the new Christmas” for thousands of Google fans. Google Blogoscoped hosted a thread for predictions of what Google would announce this year.
Many thought that Google would unveil Google Calendar, codenamed CL2. Others predictions included a superior video search engine, GDrive, open registrations for Gmail, and GoogleTalk-AIM interoperability.

Sadly, none of these came true.

Today is April 2nd, and absolutely nothing useful was unveiled. Google Romance was funny, but will anyone visit it after a week? No. Some fans are so disappointed that they’re abandoning Gmail and moving to Yahoo (4th post on thread linked above). Personally I think it’d be an overreaction to abandon Google. After all, we made April Fools Day out to be much more than it is. We made it the new Christmas.

Gmail Calendar will come when Google is ready, GoogleTalk-AIM interoperability will come when Google & AOL are ready, and GDrive will come when the world is ready.

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