Google Calendar Screenshots

Techcrunch reveals some Google Calendar screenshots. Alternately, you can see all the shots in one image here.

From the screenshots, it looks like a very useful calendar app, totally integrated with Gmail. Some features that Nathan points out:

  • Arrington says that CL2 looks like it is a long way from being ready for launch.
  • 200 people are beta testing, and sworn to secrecy.
  • Yahoo briefly had access, but informed Google.
  • CL2 is closely integrated with Gmail.
  • CL2 has subscription feeds for iCal and XML.
  • CL2 has event creation, search, sharing, notifications (including email, SMS, and popups).
  • Google is not just creating personal calendars or group calendars, but creating a searchable events database. Included in that is a public webpage (for public events) to share details.
  • CL2 has keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can choose to make your calendar public or private, or just show what times you are busy.
  • You can add other calendars by searching public calendars, friend’s calendars, holiday calendars, or by entering a public calendar address (iCal or Atom).

Other features I’ve found from the pictures:

  • There will a Weekly view and a Monthly view
  • There will be an Agenda
  • You can allow individual users to make changes to the calendar
  • You can allow individual users to manage the sharing of the calendar
  • When you are invited to events, you can choose how to receive those invitations

I’m pretty excited about the way Google decided to do the invitations. The options for receiving invitations are popups, email, and SMS. Invitations on the go. Brilliant!

The Agenda view looks very interesting. 30boxes is working on a “to do list” and it seems natural to include it within the calendar. It’s apparent to me that Google is learning from 30boxes progress.

It also looks like Google is providing calendars for holidays.

I still haven’t seen a monthly view. And I still can’t determine what the scrolling is like.


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