More hints that Google Calendar is coming soon

Once again, Garett found some interesting hints in Gmail’s source code that foreshadow features to come. Good work Garett!

So what does the integration of voicemail and evite to Gmail mean for Gmail’s future? Garett thinks it is an indication that Google Calendar is soon to be released.

I agree, but I can’t help but imagine what will happen to Microsoft Office’s market share once Google’s plan for Gmail comes to fruition. Calendar, voicemail, instant-messaging, web-based, free, and not-a-memory-hog. What more could you ask for in an email client?

Or an even better question: What does Microsoft Outlook do that Gmail doesn’t do? If you asked 1000 IT managers that question, the most common answer would probably be, “Already exist on our servers.”

If Google wants to convince corporations to use Gmail instead of Outlook, they’ll need to help companies with the switch. I bet they’ll think of an ingenious way to do that. If you were an IT manager, would you switch the company over to free Gmail with ads instead of a pricey Outlook? What criteria would your decision be based on?

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