Fuzzy Clock Module for Google Personalized Homepage

A while ago, I wrote a module for Google’s Personalized Homepage. I submitted it to GoogleModules.com but never made mention of it here. So here goes!

Do you remember KDE’s fuzzy clock? It’s a clock that expresses the time in words:

Most people liked the clock because you could customize how fuzzy you wanted it to be. On the least fuzzy setting, the clock would be accurate to within three minutes. On the most fuzzy setting, the clock would just tell you what part of the week it was.

UPDATE: You can add it by clicking here: Add to Google

You can get the module by signing into Google’s Personalized Homepage. Click the Add Content button in the upper left, click Create a Section, and then in the text field that appears, paste the following line:


Click Go, then click OK. You can then customize your fuzzy clock to be as fuzzy as you want. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome!

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