Gmail integrated with Google Talk cont’d

This is a followup to my first post about Google’s integration of Gmail and Google Talk. I am about to suggest the beginning of open war between you know and you know who else: Google vs Microsoft.

I work at a publishing company. Our company does business to business publications to help executives to their jobs better. For example, we have a publication geared towards IT Directors of other business. My boss, the IT Director where I work, proofreads the IT Advisor publication and sometimes asks the IT department for suggestions on subjects that he isn’t familiar with. One such conversation arose yesterday and the topic was Instant Messaging. After reading the section associated with IM, I learned that Instant Messaging is making more and more networks susceptible to attack. Then today, I wake up to find the news of Google’s integration. The integration of the web and instant messaging avoids the dangers that instant messaging software downloads bring to the table.

So IF (I confess, it’s a very big “if”) Google is bringing IM to the web for this reason, might this also be the beginning of Google’s push to enter the corporate world? Is it too far-fetched to believe that Google might soon officially declare war on Microsoft by providing a (free?) alternative to every company’s favorite product to spend money on, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server? Is it crazy to believe that this integration is just one of the features of Google’s alternative to Outlook that will attract IT directors nationwide?

I don’t think so. I can foresee Google providing a (free?) web service that allows IT heads to regulate everything MS Exchange Server does. For email addresses, they would be able to use a domain that they can prove is theirs instead of addresses. They would be able to add are remove users from the server, and it would all be done remotely.

The release of Google Calendar has been predicted falsely over and over. Could it be that Google is waiting to release the calendar to use it is more firepower in the upcoming war?

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