Google Calendar

What ever happened to Google Calendar? There were several occasions when a rumor surfaced regarding the calendar’s release date but they’ve all stopped. Do you think Google waiting for an opportune time to make the already-finished calendar available? Or do you think it’s still not ready to be released?

Assuming it will be Beta when it is first released (do you think that’s a safe assumption?), it seems unlikely that the calendar isn’t ready for Beta. This leads me to believe that the calendar simply isn’t ready yet. I also thought an opportune time for it to become available was on December 30th or on January 1st– just in time for the new year. I think it would be very Google-like to release the calendar back then if it was ready. Another reason that leads me to believe that it simply isn’t ready.

Yahoo and Microsoft are almost certainly working on an Ajax calendar to compete with the one that Google is creating. Maybe Google is waiting to release it to gain some leverage against the competition in some way.

What do you think? Does anyone think the calendar is ready, but Google is holding out for a certain opportunity?


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