Google Pack

The Google Pack, discussed in detail here is receiving LOTS of attention. My thoughts on this idea are pro-Google. Here’s why.

Google is in the business of connecting people with what they want. Usually it’s information (search) but sometimes it’s something else (directions with Google Maps, products with Froogle etc).

Not only do they connect users with what they want, they make it a point to give users only that. They don’t want you to be stuck with something you don’t want. They give you what you want, no strings attached. If you read their Software Principles, you’ll see a section called titled Keeping Good Company. They devoted a section to the idea of “not giving you stuff you don’t want.”

Look at It has a simple and basic layout. If you want more, you can go to and personalize the Google page. All of their pages have a similar feel to them: Lots of content. Not a bunch of fluff.

If this package bundle comes out (which in my opinion is very likely), it seems clear to me that they will follow their historically consistent philosophy.


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